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Your trusted partner for industrial air conditioning solutions in Tonnerre.

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of high-quality industrial air conditioning systems, such as liquid coolers and cabinet air conditioners.

Since its creation in 1997, ApexClim has built up a solid reputation as a leading company in the field of industrial air conditioning in Tonnerre.
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Efficient air conditioning in industrial environments

Liquid coolers play an essential role in maintaining stable temperatures for cooling processes in industries such as manufacturing, power generation and food processing.

We also offer cabinet air conditioners, designed to maintain optimum temperatures inside electrical and electronic cabinets. These air conditioners provide adequate heat dissipation and protect sensitive components from excessive heat, ensuring reliable operation and extended service life.

Reliable expertise, innovative solutions and personalised service

We are committed to providing high performance industrial air conditioning systems, designed to meet the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and durability.

Over 25 years of success...

September 2020

Total New Design
Cooling units

October 2019

Foundation ApexServices SAS

July 2019

Apex Technologies becomes ApexClim

April 2018

Argorack SA becomes ApexSuisse SA

September 2010

Foundation Argorack SA (Suisse)

January 2003

Creating very high temperatures.

September 1997

Foundation ApexTechnologies SARL