RLS 10 à 15

Our RLS range of cooling systems are designed to control the temperature of high-tech industrial processes in industries as diverse as watchmaking, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical laboratories, plastics and chemicals.

Options and Accessories :

- High-pressure fans with metal filters
- HP control with pressure sensor
- Flow and level controllers
- Harting plugs, ...

RLS 20 à 35

Our condensers have been specially designed and developed to operate without filtration of the ambient air.
Their surfaces and mounting are important factors in the performance of our machines.

Area of Activity

Our peripheral or gear pumps are usually used in the automotive, watchmaking and other industries, and are very quiet, offering better volumetric efficiency, especially at low speeds. Fluids pumped: hydrocarbons, oils, greases, additives, adhesives, resins, polymers, molasses, solvents, etc.
Liquid Coolers

RLB 8U or 16U Single-phase
Spindle liquid

Our RLBs are self-contained units with optimised dimensions for cooling industrial processes.


- Machine tool electrospindles
- Hydraulic power stations
- Scanning electron microscopes
- Plate heat exchangers (computer rack)

RLB 8U or 16U Three-phase
Spindle liquid

A wide range of options are available for securing your applications.


- Temperature display, error message, machine interface, timer, ...
- Flow regulator
- Level detector
- Two-speed condenser fan

RLC 50 à 120
Cutting fluid

The RLC range of coolers has direct expansion on the liquid thanks to a copper or stainless steel coil-type exchanger, which is inserted directly into the liquid tank to be cooled (the liquid must be moving).

Available options

- Control with temperature display
- Fault reporting, time delay, ...
- Remote start-up
- Two-speed fan-condensers
- Heating resistor

RLC 150 à 502
Cutting fluid

Optional equipment

- Electronic regulator: manages the temperature of the soluble oil in the tank, by controlling the refrigerant compressor or the heater.
- Heating resistor with a power rating of 4 to 15 kW.
- Hot and cold control (resistor installed on the tank and autonomous RLC control).