Cabinet air conditioners

Cabinet air conditioners

Cabinet air conditioners

Air condensation
Vertical mounting

All our air conditioners are approved by the automotive industry and are recognised as being among the best performers, especially in the harshest industrial environments (forges, foundries, metallurgy).

For outdoor and/or on-board cabinets, we have developed a range of specific air conditioners for all-weather and/or mobile operation.

Specific characteristics

- Our condensers are specially designed and developed to operate without filtering the ambient air.
- Their surfaces and assembly make them one of the key points in the performance of our machines.
- 4mm spacing between condenser fins.
- The compartmentalisation of the air circuits found throughout our range prevents clogging of the air conditioner's electrical components.
- All our air conditioners are fitted with the same electrical connector, allowing connection without modification of the wiring head.
- Our cut-out and fixing system are unique to 44 models in the range, allowing the cut-out to be standardised in 90% of cases.

Air condensation - THT up to 71°c

Vertical mounting
Optional roof mounting

When industrial water supply is not possible or prohibited, air-cooled condensation technology can be used to air-condition a cabinet.

Air conditioning
High Temperature

ApexClim offers you the only air-cooled condensing air conditioner capable of cooling at very high temperatures (foundries, chocolate factories, ovens, steel industry).


This technology is 100% compatible with the other air conditioners in the range, and works without filters thanks to a fin pitch that is wider than other air conditioners on the market.
Climatiseurs d'Armoires

Air condensation
Roof assembly

Our range of roof-mounted cabinet air conditioners comes with a unique mounting frame as standard. It reinforces your cabinet roof. It avoids the “bowl” effect which, in use, causes oil condensation to seep through. What’s more, a polyurethane seal hot-glued to both sides of the frame further enhances the watertightness of your cabinet.

Electrical and refrigeration components

of this range of horizontal air conditioners are identical to those of the vertical range.