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Our objective: to have and propose an overall qualitative and quantitative vision of your future facilities. Identify the strengths and weaknesses, the potential for improvement and optimisation, and finally define an action plan to achieve the objectives set.


Making sure you have cold and air at the end of the pipe is within the reach of most professionals... On the other hand, designing the installation that meets your needs, and yours alone, is no easy task and requires knowledge, experience and discussion.


In industry, refrigeration and compressed air production consume the most energy.
Whether your installations are existing or at the design stage, it is vital to monitor energy consumption and offer preventive maintenance.

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Recognised experts for over 20 years. Solutions combining financial costs and new technologies.
Proximity and a regional network close to our customers' concerns. Energy efficiency for a mastery of an environmentally-friendly approach.

Leasing, Financing and Rental

Financing the purchase of a machine through leasing is a particularly advantageous way of benefiting from renewed equipment that lives up to your expectations.

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Every year, we donate a portion of our profits to a charity and sponsor the challenge of surpassing our limits, as part of an ongoing effort to promote sustainable development and the physical activity that is essential for a balanced body, mind and spirit.